Sunday, January 20, 2013


yes..I've ever posted about 'best friend' and it's just yesterday. tapi gimana ya mereka itu spesial, I'm absolutely sure I've told you about it. They all are special to me. how's your sunday? good mine, and I hope yours too. this sunday I went to Graha Sabha UGM with sasa fabian aldo just to take a photo wehehe. aldo sama fabian memang suka dunia photographer sedangkan aku sama sasa hehe we both like to be photographed. huruf ed sangat perlu ditambahkan mengingat aku sama sasa kurang suka memoto dibanding difoto.

today's photoshoot we didn't take any themes to photo. just adjust with the location. we brought a flower crown. bytheway, Sasa sell a cute flower crown so if you interested, you can call her by click here. from there, we went to Pizza Hut and then to gramedia. haaa, I was so tired but totally I'm happy! thanks for your time, guys!♥

my narcissistic mate...

with her...

when we had lunch at Pizza Hut..

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