Monday, January 14, 2013


holiday has ended and school has begun. harusnya bilang begini udah seminggu yang lalu sih, but I can't login my blog for a few weeks. bytheway, I'm quite sure for all the student like me,monday was super crazy day. I felt like I still wanna sleep all day and just wake up to take a shower, eat and hang out of course:p but I must realized that I've been in grade 3 and it's already last semester!! wohooo, it's just me or time really went by so fast? I always motivated myself to always study hard 'till National Examination comes. I must decrease my time to useless things. don't think that I'm weird and study every day in every week 'till the day is coming. I still hang out with my friends. 2 days ago, I went to movie box with them.

sekarang sih alhamdulilah ngerasanya malesnya udah berkurang, rasa pengen main-main juga dikit demi sedikit berkurang. yaaa..di semester ini sih jadi lebih bisa ngatur waktu. capek ya pasti capek. dan ya.. 'He' always remind me to take care myself. karna belakangan juga sering gak enak badan, mungkin kecapekan. ya semoga ke depannya lebih bisa jaga kesehatan deh, Amin.

these're a photos I took, when I went to malang...

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