Thursday, February 14, 2013

YEARBOOK's life people? aha, today is special for some people because "today is valentine day". some other (like me) assume that "today is thursday. no more" difference of opinion are always happening, dude. yap... valentine! a moslem like me, don't celebrate it. because for us, it's not our religious habit. although, many moslem celebrate it. but no matter what, they have their own due for it.

again again and again... I'll post about a friendship. you allowed to close this post if you think you'll get sleepy or bored. I don't like to force anyone hehe.
yapyap..a few weeks ago, I had a photoshoot at graha sabha (no, I never get bored to take photo there)  with my classmates. D class. the most attractive class and absolutely trouble maker. but I love them so muchhh. they like family for me. we took a photo for annual book. my class concept is "having fun"

we took a photo from 4pm till 6.30pm. that was really fun. thanks for the time, guys:)


  1. First time for me to visit your blog..
    Blogger dr Jogja yaaa?

    Acc twitter kamu apa dear? Follow²an yukk #eaaa apa banget deh bahasanya hhee :)

    1. hi..thanks for visit. iyaaa aku dari jogja hehe. boleh boleh @putriadela ya : )

  2. heii you look so cute :)

    Hai.. really need your help, Please Vote me .
    Your voice means a lot for me :) (Photo no.3)
    The Sunny Day Is Taking Over
    Thank you so much <3