Wednesday, March 20, 2013


hi peopleeee! how are you guys? hope you all well!

March was coming! (I know it's too late) you know I'm so exited with this month hehe. the first day of march is my birthday hehe. so, happy birthday to me! If you ask me what do I want for this year..I'll never stop talking. there's so much desire I haven't yet got. I feel like the years go by so fast. as a new 15 years old girl, I've found my self doing soul searching. all people will grow up in due time. so, is this my time? have you ever asked to your self 'why was I born' 'for what I live?' or just a simple question like 'who am I?'

sometimes, a simple question has a complicated answer. why was I born? why was I still alive? by the way, I think I have a answer for question 'why was I still alive' and my answer is....

because Allah loves me. and I believe Allah quite sure that I can through my life well. I can make my self better. can you imagine...if your God doesn't believe in you anymore? He doesn't believe you to take care your self, take care you behavior or He have no idea why was you always crying every night just for a big problem. do you remember your God? He always with you. always by your side. sometimes you might feel like He weren't there when you need Him. and that's when you forgot that God always in your heart. always accompany you to through this life. therefore, we must be thankful for what we had today.

ehm, that's just my opinion. You can share your opinion too. I would love to hear that : )

and..I've been busy since one month ago, it's caused my full schedule. about one month ago, I had a material deepening test or TPM for all National Examination subject. I got rank 37 in my school. not too bad...nevertheless, I feel I can do more. I can do more than this. on the second TPM, I got rank 34. my score was up and so does my rank. alhamdulillah. and the last TPM, my score was up but my rank was stuck. never mind, ranking doesn't really matter,does it?

and...I'm having a school exam tomorrow. sometimes, I feel like an artist. their busy schedule is similiar to me. the differences is the activity. but, it's still same right? hehehe.

have you ever imagined something like "If I had a pair of wings, I could fly high" or something like "If we didn't break, maybe I could smile tonight"  it's called "wishes". some people can reach it, some don't. but it doesn't meaning they failed thoroughly. moreover, just because you couldn't reach what you want, doesn't mean you must stop your steps. life is too short to give up.

when we celebrated my birthday  at PH....

"Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother." Khalil Gibran

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