Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Ramadhan just gone and holiday was coming. actually, it gonna be end 2 days later. I feel so guilty because I couldn't utilize Ramadhan month as perfect as I hope. I wish, I could see Ramadhan next year and promise to my self I'll utilize that month well. bytheway, Happy Eid 1434H buddyyyy ;) I apologize for every fault I made and let's start the new paper. Idul Fitri is identic with homecoming or people call it 'mudik'. me and my family one of million people who does this tradition. we went to our family first at Subang, and then go to Cianjur, then go to Bandung, and last we go to Jakarta. hahaha, perfect holiday ever! if you ask me, am I got tired? of course yessss. it was a long trip. it took so many ours. yet, I tried to enjoy it.

in Subang and Cianjur, I don't go anywhere. just arround home. in Bandung, my family and I went to a few mall, alun-alun Bandung (trust me, it isn't recomended) and kartika sari factory. in Jakarta, we went to Kota Casblanca (one of new mall in the town), Kota Tua, Taman Safari and Margo City (Depok). if you thinking that the place I visited is ordinary, you're right. but I feel so delighted. because I do it with people I love. people that I willing to die for them. we love each other without any exception. family. yeah, how fool people who doesn't love their family.

"Don't hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself and you're set" - Lady GaGa/Born This Way

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