Saturday, June 29, 2013


hello people. I really miss posting something in this blog. I have no idea, why did there was some trouble with my internet at home. yet, forget it. it can work well now. is identic with travelling, watching film, and some others activity. I think, this holiday is the most awesome holiday I ever had. I had a trip to merapi with my friends, and let me tell you it was so awesome! and I've been busy because of my school for a few days. I had to prepare many things. seriously I still wanna enjoy this holiday without 'trouble' like that. but I should do. and I learned something in this holiday. actually, it's not about holiday or something like that. but it's about fighting.

we all have something to fight. and of course we need someone to fight with. and my mommy always be a good partner to fight with. like what mike tyson said 'One thing about gotta now who you're fighting' but, I'm not fighting for someone. I fight for me. I fight to get what I want. something that determine my future soon. and here I'm. doing some effort, never stop to pray and just smile to face everything in my life. ok, that's all!

"If you like me, Great. Then we're friends. If you hate me, don't make me get upset! I'm just a Dike whom nobody Straight like" - Elsa Nora

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