Friday, September 07, 2012


Hi...I miss my blog so much.I've been busy a whole week. because many school task I have to done. actually, it's not burden me. I only must be smarter to manage time. I tried to enjoy every additional lessons I had. and at the fact, I could did it.I had additional lessons every day. I'll tell you once again. it's not burden me. really! instead, I felt delighted for every lesson I through. maybe it's because I had a fun  teacher or a funny classmate or comfortable place or another reason. whatever it is, I love my new daily habit.

I'll do the best cause I can do the best. I'll make every people around me proud of me. especially, my family. people who always support me all the time. and thanks for all of the facility dad! I'll utilize them well ;)

this afternoon I took a photo from a photostudio. 2 weeks ago, I and amel had a photoshoot at one of photostudio in our town. and here they are!

it might be alay :p

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